About Newport Board Group

Newport partners have extensive experience in business strategy, operations, exit strategy and capital markets. Newport helps CEOs/owners to enhance and protect their investment.

We help companies that are facing transitions gain competitive advantage by tapping advice to improve decision-making and execution. We serve emerging growth, middle market, and private equity firms and their portfolio companies.  

The unique Newport Expert Network enables our partners to connect with each other to develop the best client insights and recommendations quickly.

We utilize technology-enabled tools to create alignment and accountability. Teamwork, done right, is a competitive advantage. This requires a clear plan on where you’re going, a team rowing in the same direction, and a strategy scoreboard that displays the team’s performance. Newport uses a proprietary tool set, Inc. Navigator, to make it easy to keep your team focused on getting the right things done. Navigator helps you assess your business quickly and objectively, know where your team is misaligned, communicate your priorities, and track your goals.

As strategic Advisors, seated Board Directors and Interim Executives, we facilitate key transitions across a company’s life cycle.

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In 20-30 minutes you can generate unique intelligence data to help you scale your business. 

The Benchmark Button allows you to compare your responses on critical growth issues to your peers and put your finger on the pulse of your financial performance compared to your industry.

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