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Newport Partner Kim Denney Interviewed About Women On Corporate Boards

Kim Denney, a partner in Newport Board Group's Houston practice, was interviewed by the Houston Business Journal recently about the causes of the shortage of women on company boards. The article described Kim's background as a prominent executive in the industrial sector: former chief administrative officer at Air Liquide and the first female chair of the Compressed Gas Association, an industry nonprofit group. It went on to explain that a survey by the Houston office of executive search firm Spencer Stuart indicates that companies in Houston have a strikingly low percentage of women compared to the national average. The Spencer Stuart study concludes that. while 16 percent directors of boards in the S&P 500 nationally are women, women comprise only 7.5 of the membership of boards of the largest companies in Houston. The discrepancy is all the more significant inasmuch as Houston has the second-highest concentration of Fortune 500 companies in the nation. The gap is found across a variety of industries. Why?

"It's easier (to get on a corporate board) than in the past," the article quotes Kim… "Women may get more attention because a company is looking for a female requirement, but more often you get less attention because (adding a woman) would be going to a place they haven't gone before."

The good news, according to the article: Denney is currently in talks with a Houston-based private company and a publicly traded multinational company with operations in Houston about joining their boards.

For the full text of the article click here Women on Corporate Boards – Houston Business Journal.

Study of Middle Market Companies

August, 2011: A study done by a leading analyst found that more than 80% of CEOs at high-growth middle market companies share a common on-going struggle with issues such as financing growth without using debt, timing capacity expansions, standardizing geographic expansion tactics, implementing insightful cost accounting systems, grooming management talent, and developing value-added services to bolster margins. Companies with sustained growth tend to be most interested in finding outside advisers to help them overcome these recurring challenges.