newport banking


The Newport Banking team is comprised of partners nationwide who have deep experience in commercial banking. In a market that is characterized by consolidation of institutions, the team’s focus is on the Community Bank segment. We help these banks develop scale and efficiency that will lead to permanent value for their stakeholders. Our focus also includes serving regional and larger banking institutions.

There are a number of areas where Newport Partners can be particularly helpful:

  • Improving operational and governance functions
  • Improving processes to manage asset quality
  • Integrating acquisitions
  • Helping with regulatory compliance
  • Helping to organize senior management for greater effectiveness
  • Assuring data integrity and cyber security
  • Strategic planning
  • Strategically aligning structure, operations and controls
  • Capital transaction preparation and specialized due diligence for the buy or sell side
  • Enhancing investor relations

Newport is uniquely positioned to work with investors and investment banks on performance improvement programs that will result in higher valuations for community banks and enhance their opportunities to attract capital or merger opportunities.

Contact Sam Johnson or Ted Parrish for more information about our Banking practice