newport energy industry


Newport Board Group offers a depth of capability to serve domestic and global energy company boards, chief executives and investors. The energy group within the Newport Expert Network™ is comprised of partners with complementary experience managing leading energy organizations in key sectors of the energy complex--often resulting in superior business performance and large realized capital gains. Our energy team partners have turned around underperforming companies, both domestically and globally. Our experience includes roles as CEO, board directors and various C-level executive and operating leadership roles. Our partners average over 25 years per partner. We work closely as a team, in local practices and across the country, to help clients address their most critical challenges.

We have bench strength in many segments of the energy complex, including:

  • Oilfield service and energy service companies
  • Upstream (Oil and gas)
  • Midstream (crude, refined products and gas)
  • Downstream (refining, marketing, trading & transportation)
  • Petrochemicals & chemicals
  • Power production and distribution
  • Engineering & construction
  • Engineered plastics & materials
  • Clean products
  • Terminals, blending & storage
  • Shipping, trucking & rail logistics
  • New & renewable energy technologies
  • Energy efficiency & management

Newport energy partners have driven financial success through corporate turnarounds, IPOs, private equity and strategic buyer exits. For example, a partner led a global plastics processing business turnaround for two private equity firms, later selling the business to a global strategic buyer for a 12x return on net capital invested. Several partners have produced outstanding returns running and serving on the boards of portfolio energy companies.

We provide the following services:

  • Business Owner and/or CEO advisory services
  • Setting up statutory boards and advisory boards
  • Serving on boards as directors
  • Buy and sell side M&A due diligence
  • M&A integration and implementation services
  • Strategic business growth, and exit planning
  • IPO execution
  • Interim C-level assignments
  • Other related advisory services

Newport Board Group brings a unique global perspective to today’s challenged energy CEO and board. We enable the business owner/CEO and board directors to successfully prosecute appropriate business strategies, while capitalizing on an ever changing industry and geopolitical landscape. Our clients accomplish all of this while balancing business risks and making appropriate trade-offs. And we provide this through our bench of seasoned energy partners who bring all manner of contemporary executive leadership skills, business operating capabilities, financial and governance expertise, and extensive work with and through partnerships.

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