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Newport offers a unique capability to serve healthcare companies, their boards and the investment banks, private equity firms and other professionals who invest in, acquire, grow and sell companies in all segments of healthcare. Our key focus is creating value for investors - private or public - and our in depth experience and expertise across industry sectors.

The healthcare group within the Newport Expert Network™ consists of more than 20 partners with complementary experience managing leading healthcare organizations--often resulting in superior performance and large realized capital gains. They have turned around underperforming companies. Their experience includes serving as CEOs and board members and in other leadership roles, averaging 25 years per partner. They work together, in local practices and across the country, to help clients address their most important challenges.

We have hands on knowledge of all facets of healthcare including:

  • Providers and Payors
  • Healthcare IT
  • Services
  • Life Sciences

Our partners have driven financial success through IPO, private equity and strategic buyer exits. For example, a Newport partner built and managed a Gen-one accountable care organization for a private equity firm, later selling it to a financial buyer for a 10x return on net capital invested. Other partners have produced outstanding returns running and serving on the boards of portfolio companies.

We Perform:

  • M&A Strategy Advisory Services
  • Capital Readiness Services
  • Board Positions
  • Board/Executive Committee-level Strategic Special Projects

Aided by our expertise in reimbursement and compliance, we help design and implement strategies to capitalize on a shifting industry landscape and develop innovative financial and clinical models. We have a growing presence in healthcare information technology, including cloud-based and mobile solutions and other next generation IT business levers.

With the tools Newport has developed to categorize and connect our expertise, we’re able to bring the resources of the Newport Expert Network to bear on our client’s most pressing issues.

Contact Michael Condron, Fred Fink or Kevin Fleming for more information about our Healthcare practice

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