manufacturing and industrials

Manufacturing & Industrials

Newport’s Manufacturing and Industrials practice helps clients to transform operations and achieve high-growth across the manufacturing value chain – from sourcing raw materials to inbound and outbound logistics and innovative production processes.

Our partners are CEOs and senior executives who deploy broad operating expertise across key functions including High-Tech Manufacturing, Factory Operations, Automation, Product Development, Sales and Marketing, Sourcing, Offshoring/Reshoring, Lean, Green, and, Private Labelling, Product Tracking, International Business Development, and Logistics and Distribution.

Issues that we specialize in to help clients, free standing or PE Sponsor-owned, address growth transitions and turnaround scenarios include:

  • Supply Chain and distribution acceleration strategies that are transparent and traceable.
  • Management of capital intense line items on the balance sheet.
  • Digitation of manufacturing processes, customer acquisition andservice; big data.
  • Operational performance transformation through the use of technology, lean, and quality methodologies—to address intense global competition and customer and profitability pressures.
  • Talent management strategies to innovate and expand operations.
  • Strategies to manage risk related to financial volatility and protection of intellectual property.
  • Development and execution of sourcing strategies including vendor selection and partner management, offshoring, reshoring and manufacturing location decisions.

Contact Kevin Poole for more information about our Manufacturing & Industrials practice.