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By: Mark Rosenman on June 8th, 2012

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Newport Partner Bob Mallo Speaks To Business Group

Newport Partner Bob Mallo Speaks To Business Group

Newport Chicago Practice partner Bob Mallo spoke recently to a Rotary Club audience in New Lenox, Illinois. He presented the group with an overview of several of Newport Board Group’s tools that are designed to help middle market companies improve their performance. He explained Newport’s Inc. Navigator tools, which help a company’s top executives get aligned on their view of the business and its strategy. He cited statistics that top teams tend to be far less in agreement on the company’s plans and priorities than CEO’s think they are—and showed how use of Inc. Navigator Compass™ and Scoreboard™ help management define priorities and metrics of progress toward attaining them.

Bob also presented another Newport tool set, No Man’s Land. Based on Newport Chairman Doug Tatum’s award-winning book of the same name, No Man’s Land is a framework to help companies identify and overcome key impediments to growth. It consists of 4 related steps (the “4 M’s”) that a company must take to, for example, raise capital for expansion and respond to changing customer needs.

The audience response was enthusiastic and a spirited question and answer session followed. Bob plans to meet with several organizations that were present for follow-up discussions.