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By: Brent Sapp on August 7th, 2012

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Texas CEO Magazine Blog Features No Man's Land

No Mans Land

Austin, TX-based business advisor Bob Barker recently had an article in Texas CEO Magazine that related Doug Tatum’s acclaimed book No Man’s Land to another classic business text, Geoff Moore’s 1991 book Crossing The Chasm. According to Barker, the two books have a similar focus on how successful startup companies evolve into mature companies that earn sustainable financial returns.

Barker points to Tatum’s emphasis on the personal challenge that CEOs face to upgrade their business operations without losing the uniqueness that created its initial successes. Barker explains how each of the Four Ms in Tatum’s framework contributes to overcoming the “second chasm” on an entrepreneur’s way to securing a beachhead in the mainstream market.
To read the full blog click here to see the issue of Texas CEO magazine and scroll down to the third article. Or click here to go directly to the blog.

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