Private Emerging Growth Companies

Are you an emerging growth company?

These are high potential, rapidly growing companies, typically between 20 – 250 employees. They often experience No Man's Land challenges where they are too big to be small and too small to be big as described in Doug Tatum’s award winning book, No Man's Land.

These firms are typically pre-private equity though they may have private equity potential or be venture-backed. They may have gained considerable traction in the marketplace and may have made the decision to grow but are often heavily dependent on the founder and one or two other key people.

Their processes and systems often need to be strengthened to support further scaling up of the business. They often suffer from lack of clarity around key issues, alignment and accountability within their leadership team.

What are typical challenges that Newport's solutions are designed to assist with?

  • Strengthening the top management team and getting it focused on the right priorities and aligned.
  • Developing a sophisticated Finance function.
  • Identifying niches contiguous to their traditional markets that offer growth opportunity.
  • Starting to think about the ramifications of funding alternatives, for example the aggressive exit strategy that private equity typically requires.
  • Developing metrics that measure underlying progress toward strategic goals.
  • Developing and communicating the company's business case and financial projections.

Learn more about Newport's No Man's Land solutions for emerging growth companies here.