Private Equity Firms

Are you a private equity firm?

There are approximately 3,500 private equity sponsors in the U.S. with an estimated 40,000 portfolio companies, which typically have $25 million - $250 million or more in revenue, with 100-500 employees.

Private equity firms need to drive their strategy for portfolio company growth and valuation, maintaining tight measurement and reporting of progress toward an anticipated exit.

What are typical challenges that Newport's solutions are designed to assist with?

  • Monitoring and overseeing execution of the portfolio company’s strategy.
  • Creating and executing the 100 Day Plan.
  • Developing strategy to penetrate new markets to drive revenue growth.
  • Instituting an operational metrics program. 
  • Having back-up executives who can step in to maintain performance continuity, in case a key member of the management team such as the CFO or CEO falters.
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