No Man's Land is the award-winning book by Doug Tatum, Chairman of Newport Board Group. Subtitled What To Do When Your Company Is Too Big To Be Small But Too Small To Be Big, it crystallizes Doug's decades of experience leading and advising middle market growth companies. Since its publication several years ago, No Man's Land has been the recipient of 4 National Best Business book awards.

No Man's Land addresses the challenges and opportunities that fast growing companies (those, say, that grow at 20% over a four year period) predictably encounter. These upstart firms hit a key inflection point, often when revenues hit $10-$50 million, where the immutable laws of growth force them to mature—in a hurry.

Emerging growth companies are one sector of companies that Newport is dedicated to serving. And many of the same issues apply to companies in other sectors we serve.

Newport has made the basic framework of No Man's Land a core component of our Firm's Board and CEO Advisory methodology. Our approaches, solutions and techniques help clients meet the key challenges of No Man's Land:

  • Institutionalize the vision and talents of entrepreneurial founders, so that the company has the employees, processes and capabilities to reliably innovate as customer needs change
  • Rationalize, routinize and scale the repeatable aspects of how the company delivers value
  • Create infrastructure to support growth in advance of revenue, minimizing fixed cost increases but funding them when necessary
  • Professionalize the management team, addressing the shortcomings of the friends and confidants who have made up the initial team
  • Understand and monitor with crisp analytics what drives the firm's performance
  • Build leverage that drives profits with sales volume
  • Raise capital to fund growth consistent with vision, values and risk appetite; predict capital requirements several years ahead and communicate them to the capital markets; understand the management and operating changes that a new capital structure will entail; learn to look at the business from the perspective of the investor

The above are just some of the issues on which Newport's vision and solutions build on our Chairman's view of how growth companies achieve success.

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