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Market Leadership

Newport Board Group is adding leaders in major markets around the country. We are pleased to present our market leaders below.


john-pratt.jpgJohn Pratt, Managing Director

John Pratt has extensive background in general management from very large companies like IBM to mid market and emerging technology firms.

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Fink, Fred

Fred Fink, Managing Director

Fred has been successful both as an executive and an entrepreneur. Much of his career has been spent in different sectors of the healthcare industry.

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Central Florida
Brent Headshot

Brent Sapp, Managing Director

Brent is a product innovator, author and founder of the Economy Heroes movement.

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Chicago and Michigan

Mike Condron

Mike Condron, Managing Director

Mike Condron has had a highly accomplished career in law, management and entrepreneurship.

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Juan-Luis Goujon

Juan-Luis Goujon, Managing Director

Juan-Luis’s background includes leading operations and teams in over 20 countries.

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David Roberts

David Roberts, Managing Director

David brings to Newport an extensive background as a business strategist, advisor, entrepreneur and CEO.

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Dallas and Houston 

Kim Denney

Kim Denney, Managing Director

Kim Denney is an experienced Houston area leader with a record of solving top-level problems as an executive with broad responsibilities in the Chemical, Petrochemical, Energy, and Manufacturing industries.

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Kim Denney

Irene Helsinger, Managing Director

Irene Helsinger brings to Newport a strong background as an operating executive in the healthcare industry, specifically hospitals.

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Tony Cord

Tony Cord, Managing Director

Tony Cord is responsible to drive the Professional Services Alliances thrust of Newport's growth plan.

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New England and New York

David Wilson

David Wilson, Managing Director

David has had a very successful career as a consultant in the U.S. and globally.

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Northern/Southern California/Pacific Northwest

Kevin Poole

Kevin Poole, CEO, Managing Director

Kevin is a seasoned leader with diverse experience as both a senior advisor to CXOs of middle-market firms, and as an operating executive at a Fortune 500 company.

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Mike Evans

Michael Evans, Managing Director

As a partner with Ernst & Young, Mike developed, led and drove significant growth in a number of practices.

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