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We are the experts to escort your company through the unavoidable, dangerous and adolescent growth stage of business called No Man's Land. We help you prepare for the inevitable transitions and decisions so that you can protect your investment. We do that by focusing your attention on several key areas.

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Create a Concise, Cohesive Value Proposition

Every company must have a concise statement that effectively communicates its unique competitive advantage to its employees and customers.   

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Understanding Customer Profitability

Growth companies must be able to identify their most profitable customers, calculate the cost of customer acquisition.

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The CEO Role and Responsibilities

Every CEO and Founder has a strength or skill set that fuels company growth.  CEOs and Founders often get distracted and bored with responsibilities outside of their best role; which often causes them to start new initiatives that stray from the core value proposition.  The company must eventually become good at what the CEO/Founder does best.

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Shifting the Culture from Loyalty to Performance

Companies can function with a loyalty-based culture until they reach the adolescent stage of growth. In our experience we've seen that most CEOs believe everyone is held accountable for performance; but their leadership teams disagree. To survive No Man’s Land, the leadership team of a growing company must segue from a culture of loyalty to one of performance.

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Funding Growth with Adequate Capital

Private Equity firms are less interested in financial projections than they are in lowering their risk of investment. You can reduce perceived risks by anticipating the issues that firms considering investing in you will focus on in their due diligence.

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Create an Economic Model that Accurately Forecasts Profitability

Every growth company must develop an economic model that accurately forecasts profitability and other key financial results.

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Make the Choice to Scale; or Not

CEOs/Founders of growth companies must decide whether they will remain a small giant or scale their business.

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