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Shifting the Culture from Loyalty to Performance

Keys to a Performance Based Culture

Companies can function with a loyalty-based culture until they reach the adolescent stage of growth. In our experience with over 500 companies, 86% of CEOs believe everyone is held accountable to performance while 20% of their leadership teams agree. The leadership team of a growing company must segue from loyalty to performance to survive No Man's Land.

Newport Board Group will help you:

  • Find out what the top 10% of companies do to overcome performance challenges and scale.
  • Compare your responses on critical growth issues to your peers. 
  • Identify the right metrics to accomplish your priorities.
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Keys to Execution

Over 90% of strategies fail. Most second stage growth companies struggle with focus and execution. Strategy can be simplified and execution enhanced with the right guidance and tools.

Newport Board Group will help you: 

  • Get radically objective about your business.
  • Set a clear direction by focusing on a handful of priorities.
  • Generate unique intelligence data to help you scale your business. 
  • Identify opportunities to maintain growth momentum and reduce risk.
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The Brutal Facts of Culture

Most growth companies:
  • Believe they have an accountability/performance based culture, but they don't.
  • Must transition from a loyalty based culture to one of performance.
  • Defined culture as a "trusted decision process."