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Create an Economic Model that Accurately Forecasts Profitability

newport economic model

Next Steps to Develop the Right Economic Model

Most second stage growth companies need help to create an economic model that enables the business to forecast financial results accurately and thereby make better decisions about how to make money at higher volumes.

Newport Board Group will help you:

  • Put your finger on the pulse of your financial performance compared to your industry.
  • Gain insight to help your company maintain growth momentum.
  • Identify risks and vulnerabilities that could affect your profitability.
  • Discover other opportunities for profit and growth.
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The Brutal Facts About Economic Models

Many emerging growth companies:
  • Have no economic model that accurately forecasts financial results and other key decision making factors such as availability of working capital.
  • Cannot scale their Value Proposition.
  • Cannot financially scale their Value Proposition, although they want/need to.
  • Do not know if they can make money at higher volumes.