Private Equity Services

Newport helps middle market private equity firms create value and build better returns on capital across your investment cycle.

We assist with the priorities that compete for your attention: generating deal flow, analyzing deals and and working with the right executives to implement strategy for your portfolio companies.

The Newport Expert Network™, which includes Newport partners across the country who are highly experienced in many industries and business issues, is the only expert network designed to serve middle market private equity sponsors.

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Assistance Across Your Investment Cycle

After the deal, Newport Partners excel at providing operating support for implementation of the 100 Day Plan and strategy going forward. They achieve this by acting as Board Members, Operating Partners, Interim Executives or in any other role to drive execution of your strategy for portfolio companies.

If one or more of your portfolio companies are not performing as expected, or you want to prepare to sell it or sell limited partner interests, Newport operating partners deploy and get results fast.

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Deal Flow of Promising Companies

Newport’s growing base of emerging middle market clients, along with our proprietary tools and knowledge of financing strategies and sources, put us in a position to know and serve a growing number of innovative, promising companies - just the kind of companies you want as deal flow.


Interim Executives Who Get Results - Fast

Private equity portfolio companies sometimes need high impact interim leaders to fill an executive vacancy or add bench strength. Filling a C-level opening—whether it results from a downturn in performance, change in strategy, executive departure, illness or other situation—is an urgent priority. A prolonged CEO, CFO or other key leadership vacancy can quickly put a company at risk.

Or, before you select the right permanent executive, you may need to define the capabilities and management style you need in the role going forward. Or a near-term priority, such as raising capital or integrating an acquisition, may require skills or bandwidth for only a delimited period.

We provide high impact interim executives to augment the management team who can step in, if necessary, to maintain performance continuity. Our interim executives also drive projects and initiatives to address and turn around specific aspects of portfolio company performance.

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Analysis of Deal Targets

The partners in the Newport Expert Network help you with the arduous process of reviewing, valuing and deciding on a high volume of deals:

  • Understand the seller’s business, its industry, value drivers and prospects.
  • Justify the valuation; assess management’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Test and retest the investment thesis.
  • Create a 100 Day Plan. 

Proprietary Platform to Align Portfolio Company Team

Newport makes available to its private equity clients its proprietary Inc. Navigator by Newport™ suite of tools. These tools will support portfolio company executive team alignment and the execution of key priorities.

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Newport OpenPhone

Newport OpenPhone is a unique arrangement that enables you to get sustained access to Newport’s categorized information base of partner expertise, as well as to tools that identify the partner(s) best suited to assist you. To learn more, click here.