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Creating a Cohesive Value Proposition

newport value proposition

Create and Implement a Value Proposition

As a company it is important to ensure that everyone, including the inner circle, is in sync on the Value Proposition, understanding why customers buy from you and what promises to customers the company intends to scale.

Newport Board Group will help you:

  • Get the Inner Circle radically objective about the company's position in No Man's Land and the team's degree of misalignment on the NML issues.
  • Get each member of the Inner Circle to capture in writing their version of the Value Proposition.
  • Create customer "persona's" based on an understanding of each category of customers: their pain, interests and behaviors.
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newport value proposition

Test and Measure the Success of the Value Proposition

Your Value Proposition should provide relief to the pain your customer experiences. You can use content marketing, social media and search engine optimization to test the stickiness and effectiveness of your messaging about your Value Proposition.

Just how essential is your value proposition as a tool in helping your business grow? The Benchmark Button will help you discover opportunities and vulnerabilities for company growth. In 20-30 minutes you can generate unique intelligence data to help you scale your business. 

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The Brutal Facts of the Value Proposition

Most growth companies do not:
  • Have a consistent, compelling Value Proposition.
  • Know their unique competitive advantage.
  • Understand why the Inner Circle must be in sync with their Value Proposition.
  • Have a scalable Value Proposition.